BIBUFF U3 Carbon street with Belt Drive Electric longboard

$1,299.00 $1,369.00

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BIBUFF new version carbon street electric skateboard.
Very comfortable, powerful and high quality.
BIBUFF U3 Carbon street with Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

Standard Shipping: Order now and we will ship your skateboard by sea US / Arrives 35-45 working Days
By railway to Europe / Arrives 35-45 working Days

Fast Shipping: Order now and we will ship your skateboard by air US / Arrives 7-16 Business Days Europe, Canada / Arrives 14-22 Business Days Asian countries / Arrives 6-10 Bussiness Days

Electric longboard Performance:

Speed: ● 1 Slow mode: 0-12miles/h(0-20km/h) ● 2 Normal mode: 0-18miles/h(0-30km/h) ● 3 Fast mode: 0-22miles/h(0-40km/h) ● 4 Turbo mode: 0-25miles/h(0-45km/h) ● Hill Climbing: 30%

PU Wheels & Swappable Street Wheels: ● 90MM, which offer better shock absorption for a smoother ride, very comfortable for the legs on long distances and it could handle many kind of road conditions ● Easily switch from all terrain wheels to 90mm or 100mm street wheels

Powerful Battery Pack & New Design Enclosure :
Battery: ● 50.4V 14AH 12S4P Battery Pack. ● Battery cells Brand: Samsung 35E Battery cells ● Range:up to 40km(25miles)range,

New Enclosure: ● Very high hardness ● Effective structure design for ESC cooling ● Reducing the failure rate of ESC caused by overheating

DECK:Highest grade Carbon Fibre, 40 Inches / 1016 mm Matte

All carbon fiber deck, you will experience a higher end.

Powerful Dual 5753 Belt Motors: ● 2*1650W rated power high-quality and high-precision motor Japan imported magnetic steel sheet, better performance ● Excellent dynamic balance, which makes much less noise when it’s working Eddy current exhaust hole design, better heat dissipation effect (make your motor no longer hot) ● More power can be effectively utilized with our cooling system

Hobbywing Upgraded ESC: ● Workingon higher current with upgraded hardware ● Equipped with the new upgraded program, which makes the riding experience more powerful and comfortable, it’s very smooth on acceleration and braking

306 mm Diameter Double Kingpin Trucks: ● Smoother and very flexible carving experience ● High strength

Smart OLED Remote: ● Smart digital display, one keyoperation, user-friendly design, simple and comfortable ● Read the riding information easily

Continental 5M Belt: Good quality belt, more reliable and durable,avoid skidding

Nylon wheel hub,very durable

Water Resistant BIBUFF Long board is treated with IP55 water resistant. However, riding in rainy days is not recommended

Warranty: 9 months

Package contents:
● 1 x completely assembled BIbuff Long Board
● 1 x OLED remote with USB charging cable
● 2 x extra Continental or Gates belt
● 1 x certificated charger
● 1 x DC charger adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)
● 1 x T-tool
● 1 x user manual

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  • Can i change the order after I ordered?

    Yes, you can, but you need to contact us in 2 hours after you place the order. however. we cannot guarantee that your order will be changed successfully. Because it is hard to modify the order once it gets sent to the production line.

  • Will I receive a tracking number??

    Yes! Normally you will get the tracking number in 72 hours after you place the order.
    Please note that the tracking time stated on your tracking number is not accurate, as we are utilizing a special shipping can track order on our website.

  • Why did the tracking number not update after several days?

    The tracking number will update only when it arrive to your destination country and finish customs clear and then it will be given to your local UPS or FedEx. Then it will update. Before it’s given to UPS or FedEx. It won’t update. No worries. 

  • Do I need to pay for tax?

    No tax will be charged for US and EU if your order is with completed board.
    (tax will by charged for customers in NZ/Norway/Switzerland/South Korea).
    If you buy spare parts and ship to EU/NZ/AU,you will need to pay tax.
    If you live in New Zealand,maybe we will ship your board in 2 packages due to the custom rules.we will ship your board without battery and remote in a package, and then we ship your battery and remote in another package,so you will get 2 packages and then get a complete board.

  • How water resistant is this board?

    The board is not waterproof. and the water-resistant may reduce after you use it for a long time. the water may damage the board. so we recommend that you ride around water and stay away from wet or icy surfaces, And riding on wet and icy surfaces is extremely dangerous, as you will easily lose control of the powerful board.

  • Do I need to charge the battery when I receive the board?

    Yes,you could to do that, but not required. Because the battery is not fully charged before leaving the factory (to protect the battery during Long-distance shipping).

  • How much weight can BIBUFF carry?

    The max load of BIBUFF is 280 pounds (150kg).
    We do recommend a maximum weight of 264 pounds (120kg) and below, as weights above that might have an impact on performance and speed.

  • How to adjust steering sensitivity?

    You can adjust the tightness of the nut at the front of the truck by using a T wrench. Loosen the nut to make the steering flexible. Tightening the nut will make the steering clumsy.

  • How can I pair the remote to the board?

    It’s easy. 1, Turn off the board and remote. 2, long press the power button of the board and the remote at the same time for more than 5 seconds. 3. When the remote vibrates. It shows it’s paired. 

  • When my board meet a problem, where can I get the support?

    No worries. Please contact our after sale service and they will help you out. You can send some videos or pictures to show the problem to this We will help you out. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kelvin Hodge
I love it

With the 150mm wheels i did 25mph but i change it to the 90mm and i was doing 34 mph .... i love that! no need for upgrades with battery or esc. the only tho is that the remote do not show the true speed of the board. except for that its great!

David Cohen
Good price

I am very happy, nice board and the stree wheels is perfect for any ride.
why pay $ 999 if you have the same quality for $ 1699.
I recommend it to everyone

Mr Thomas Ng
Amazing tech, almost perfect

Happy with the board so far. Be sure to change the bushings, the stock ones are obviously not great.