Can children ride skateboard ?

The origin of the scooter

The origin of the scooter In 1993, a German engineer named Sieghartstxaka, in order to solve his own traffic problems, installed two scooter wheels on an aluminum sheet, and then added a telescopic metal handrail to the scooter. After improving it for several months, he took him to the railway station to work every day. When he set foot on the scooter to work, he was despised by everyone, including passers-by and colleagues. But not long after, an investor came to his door. He believed that this kind of hand-held scooter had a very market opportunity.

Classification of skateboards

Children's skateboard

Children's skateboards are children's toys. Children often ride skateboards to exercise their flexibility, increase reaction speed, increase exercise volume, and strengthen body resistance.

Adult scooter

The main difference between adult scooters and children's vehicles is the size of the wheel diameter, and the bearings are better. Wheels and bearings of this size ensure a relatively high passability and speed. In addition, this type of urban scooter is not a stunt car. Don't jump like a skateboard. The manual says that the load-bearing capacity is 100kg.

Frog Scooter

Breaststroke scooter, also called breaststroke, breaststroke, and breaststroke sports car. The driving force of the breaststroke scooter mainly comes from two rear wheels. The two rear wheels are set in a universal wheel structure, and the two feet stand separately when moving. On the two pedals, the two legs repeatedly open and close the movement, and the two rear wheels alternately present the "inner eight" and "outer eight" shapes, and the driving force is generated from this.

Two-wheeled scooter

"Two-wheeled scooter" also known as "two-wheeled skateboard" is a new type of skateboard, also known as "land surfboard". Unlike ordinary four-wheeled skateboards, it has only two wheels. Because it moves like a dragon and a snake, it is also called "dragon skateboard", "vitality board", "snake board" and so on.

Three-wheeled scooter

The children's three-wheeled scooter provides power to the vehicle by periodically pedaling the ground with its feet, and pushes the vehicle to slide forward. There are two styles, one is a scooter with two wheels in the back and one wheel in the front, and the other is a scooter with two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back. The three-wheel scooter not only increases the stability, but also increases the fun of sliding.

Four wheel skateboard

The children's four-wheel skateboard has two wheels on the front and the back, and the balance is better. Adult four-wheel skateboard refers to a skateboard with four wheels and two ends. There are many kinds of movements and it is difficult to learn.

Electric scooter

Electric scooters rely on rechargeable batteries. The appearance is very stylish, very compact, foldable, and easy to carry. It is definitely a very suitable choice for friends who like the convenience of life and urban mobility. It adds a little more fun to life. .

Steam scooter

Pneumatic scooters are also called gasoline scooters and fuel scooters. They are powered by gasoline and have a relatively loud driving sound.

Benefits of children playing skateboards

1.Conducive to the development of children's vestibular organs

The vestibular organs are the receptors of the human body's movement state and spatial position. When a child is playing a scooter, due to speed and inertia, the position of the head will correspondingly change continuously, which will cause the receptors in the vestibular organs to excite and eventually become reflexive. This causes the child to make constant changes in body posture to maintain the balance of body and posture. In other words, children playing scooters are conducive to exercise their own balance ability and overall coordination of the body, which is why most parents encourage their children to play scooters.

2.Conducive to the development of children's respiratory system and cardiovascular system

Like all aerobic exercises, playing a scooter can exercise the child’s respiratory muscles and myocardium, enhance the respiratory function and the contraction function of the heart, increase the child’s vital capacity and the ability of the heart to resist pressure, thereby improving the cardiopulmonary function to a certain extent. Promote the development of the respiratory system and cardiovascular system.

3.Conducive to the development of children's desire for exploration and adventurous spirit

The transition from scooters with armrests to pedal scooters without armrests is a good proof. Scientifically speaking, children’s thirst for knowledge and exploration is infinite, and their courage is not innately brought, only through constant attempts and constant failures, from the initial single action to the later jumping and gliding. The actions of the child can greatly satisfy the child's desire to explore, and the courage has also been greatly exercised, which is also conducive to improving the child's adventurous spirit. Therefore, children of this type will appear calmer than other children when encountering emergencies.

4.Conducive to the exercise of lower limbs and waist muscles

 When playing a scooter, the forceful parts and supporting parts are mainly concentrated on the child's lower limbs and waist. Therefore, if you often use the scooter, the muscles of the child's lower limbs and waist will be thickened due to frequent passive movement, which is beneficial to increase the lower limbs. And waist strength.

Disadvantages of children playing skateboards

1.Knee strain

Skateboarding mainly relies on the twisting of the waist and the push of the feet to push the skateboard to slide, which requires one-legged slide. Long-term high-intensity sliding on one leg, especially long-term use of one leg, will lead to excessive labor on one leg, which is not conducive to the lower limbs and knees. It is easy to cause knee strain for a long time, which is not conducive to the growth of the child’s lower limb bones, and will eventually affect the height. .

2.Easy to get injured

Skateboarding is an extreme sport with a relatively high risk factor, and it is easy to get injured during sports. Children’s awareness of danger is still relatively weak, and they will fall when they are not worried about skateboarding. Children’s bones are still in the developmental stage, and if they fall more severely, they will cause fractures. In addition, if you fall on the back of your head when you fall, a strong impact will cause a concussion or even more serious illness. In addition, if you do not find a good center of gravity when skateboarding, it is easy to sprain your foot.



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