How to ride a Electric balance scooter ?

How to ride a Electric balance scooter ?

An electric balance scooter is a vehicle that is driven by electricity and has the ability to balance itself. With the rapid development of society today, traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious. A stylish electric balance scooter allows you to enjoy the ease and happiness of traveling through the downtown area. Electric balance scooter instead of bicycles and electric scooter as means of transportation are the development of fashion trends. The rise of electric balance scooter is about to trigger a new transportation revolution.

The electric balance scooter is suitable for daily short-distance use or a leisure sport on weekends. It is driven by a 1000w motor, balanced by a gyroscope sensor, and internally controlled by a program, with a speed limit of 25km/h, which ensures safety while taking into account the driving speed. After the user puts his feet on the folding pedals on both sides of the wheel, gently tilting the body forward is forward, leaning backward is slowing down, and leaning left and right is turning. The greater the forward tilt angle of the body (the safety limit is within 15°), the faster the speed. A series of gyration devices in the car ensure that it can maintain a good balance.

Electric balance scooter are a new generation of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and portable means of transportation. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge, and it can last about 25km. It can replace buses and subways for short distances. The electric balance scooter is small and easy to carry, about 10kg, can be put directly into the trunk of the car, and carried on the bus or subway or even the office. In the context of increasingly serious environmental pollution, electric balance scooter, as a new type of environmentally friendly transportation tool, should be popularized to alleviate the consumption of non-renewable resources and air pollution.

Instructions for the use of electric balance scooter

Use the hand strap to ensure the safety of driving

The auxiliary hand strap can help beginners avoid losing control of the electric unicycle due to unfamiliar operation.

Riding an electric balance scooter is divided into 5 steps. Please read and follow the instructions to start learning. Don’t try the next steps lightly before you have mastered the previous step. This will help you master the basic skills of riding faster and more solidly.

Step 1: Turn on the power

1) Grasp the handle with one hand, stand the electric balance scooter upright on the ground, and unfold the two pedals.

2) Short press the power button to turn on the power of the electric balance scooter, and the green light is on at this time.

3) If you find a red light is on, please don't try to ride.

4) It is recommended to pull the handle back and forth several times in the direction of forward and backward of the wheel to feel the acceleration and deceleration of the wheel.

Step 2: Try to stand

1) Stand one dominant foot on the corresponding footrest. Pay attention to the center of the footrest to facilitate the transfer of the whole body's center of gravity to this foot.

2) Stand up and use the foot on the pedal to control the front and back balance of the electric unicycle, and use the calf to lean against the soft rubber of the casing.

3) Gradually shift the center of gravity to the foot on the electric unicycle. During the process, the calf, foot and the electric balance scooter are required to form a stable triangle support, otherwise it will be difficult to move the center of gravity to the electric unicycle. Transfer to the foot on the electric unicycle, and before the other foot leaves the ground for 1-2 seconds, it is strongly recommended not to ride in the next step.

The third step: move forward

1) Beginner:

Just like riding a bicycle, transfer most of the center of gravity to the electric balance scooter, and gently step on the pedals forward. At the same time, the foot on the ground gently pedals backward, and the electric unicycle will walk forward.

Just like the action of keeping the electric unicycle standing on one foot in the previous step, you need to keep your body balance as much as possible during the riding process, and at the same time, you need to quickly and lightly put the foot on the ground on the other pedal. This step requires that you can ride a distance of at least 3-5 meters.

2) Intermediate forward:

At this point, you can basically drive the electric balance scooter normally. There are two important points to pay attention to in this step: maintain a certain speed, and control the speed by leaning forward and backward. It is recommended that you continue to accumulate experience and practice during the riding process, and then proceed to the next step when you are more confident that you can maintain a long distance.

Step 4: Turn

Regarding turning: Beginners like to turn their upper body to make a turn, but that operation does not work well. It is recommended to adjust the left and right inclination of the car body to turn by adjusting the strength of the left and right foot pedals. Through continuous practice, the desired turning effect will be achieved.

Step 5: Ride safely

At this point, I believe I have learned how to ride an electric balance scooter. But it is still recommended to gradually challenge the actions that have not been tried on the basis of gradually understanding the performance of the vehicle. The power of an electric balance scooter is limited. If the limit is exceeded, the electric balance scooter will not be able to support the body, causing it to fall off the car, so be sure to drive carefully.

Beginner advice

When you are about to use the electric balance scooter for the first time, please try to wear comfortable casual or sports clothing, and wear flat shoes. Open-toed shoes are not allowed! Carry the electric balance scooter to a relatively open place, and ensure that the ground is flat and there are no obvious obstacles.

Special Note:

1.Appropriate age range: 18-45 years old, users of other age groups need special assistance.

2.Before use, please confirm that the battery is sufficient and the tires are inflated normally.

3.Do not try to drive faster before you are familiar with driving.

4.The self-balancing range of electric balance scooter is limited, so please remember to prohibit rapid acceleration or rapid deceleration!


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