Which is difficult to play, dragon board or skateboard ?

.What is the dragon board

The dragon board belongs to the vitality board series, also called dragon board, snake board, land surf board. It is a new type of skateboard, an alternative to skateboard, and a new product from Korea. It uses the body, the twisting of the feet and the swing of the hands to drive forward. Because it moves forward like a dragon and snake, it is also called the dragon board. It is a new leisure activity nowadays. Recently, it has been in Korea, Europe, America and the world. Popular everywhere.

.The basic principle of dragon board

Using the theory of human motion and ingenious mechanics. To make the dragon board exercise incisively and vividly displayed, regular use of the dragon board (vitality board series) can achieve the effect of improving your body's softness, sense of balance and fitness, health and beauty. Especially for the waist and legs. It is one that can not only exercise, bodybuilding, but also get a lot of fun. Do multiple things in one fell swoop. Youlong Board provides an effective product for parents all over the world who worry about their children's increasing weight but do not want to exercise.Judging from the shape of the dragon board, it breaks the traditional manufacturing process of skateboards.From a functional point of view, the style is very fashionable.After stepping on the dragon board, there is no need to rely on the force of the feet and the ground to achieve the purpose of skateboarding. It only needs to use the activities of the body and feet to slide, so this type of dragon board is more popular.

.The Features of dragon Board

1.Have the pleasure of surfing freedom, as if riding the wind, as if flying by a dragon;

2.Move forward by twisting the body, do not need to push and slide with your feet, and can do all kinds of fancy changes;

3.With the waist twisting exercise, it can achieve a significant weight loss effect, which is more useful than turning a hula hoop;

4.The direction of advancement is arbitrary, the turning radius can be within 50 cm, and it is best at turning;

5.The size of the venue is not limited, and it can even be rotated in situ within one meter in diameter;

6.Easy to master the speed, fast or slow, let you control it. Gone like the wind, moving like a shadow.

.How to play Dragon Board

1.Head riding

(1) Ride on the vitality board.

(2) Push the two wings of the board head repeatedly to make the vitality board move forward.

2."S"-shaped riding method

(1) Foot on the ground and ride on the vitality board.

(2) Repeatedly twist the upper body and change the posture of the feet.

(3) When moving forward, bend your knees slightly, extend your arms, and look forward.

3.Two-foot riding

(1) Foot on the ground and ride on the vitality board.

(2) Push the two wings of the board head repeatedly to make the vitality board move forward.

(3) Rotate the body in the opposite direction and maintain balance to make the vitality board move forward.

4.Turning method

(1) Turn your body to the inside, and push the foot of the pedal head in the direction of the body's rotation.

(2) The other foot pushes the surface of the board in the opposite direction, so that the vitality board can be turned.

5.Stopping method

Simple action

(1) First, be optimistic about where you want to drop the vitality board.

(2) Tilt the vitality board body to the parking direction and fall down.

(3) Push the board toward the parking direction to stop the vitality board.

Side turn

(1) Rotate the body inward and push the opposite part of the head and tail of the board.

(2) When turning, press the head of the board to the ground with your feet after the speed drops to stop.

Foot lift

(1) Move the foot of the pedal to the rear edge of the vitality board.

(2) Move the center of gravity to the position of the tail of the board, so that the head of the board is tilted upward.

(3) After the brake pad under the tail of the board is in contact with the ground, it can be braked.

(4) After the speed is reduced, the foot on the board head can be lowered.

. Which is difficult to play dragon board or skateboard ?

The dragon board is easy to learn. It can basically be shaken and skated in two hours. It is also ornamental and relatively controllable. If you play skills, you have to skate for a year or two.

Besides, I don’t know what kind of skateboard you are talking about. The four-wheel double rocker is very difficult to learn. Objectively speaking, many general skaters at home and abroad have basically more than seven or eight years of skating age, which is better than ten years. , Professional is decades. Novices playing this board were very boring a few years ago, and they are particularly prone to falling, and they are also prone to jokes from passers-by. However, he is the best after all, and it is also an extreme sport, which is difficult to practice. The four-wheel double rocker has a longer history than the dragon board, and it has flourished since the 1960s in the United States. Once the people and the board become one, it is called blasting, which makes you stunned. The four-wheel double warp version allows you to come into contact with a broad and profound thing, "skateboarding culture". This culture is a gathering of thoughts that can make people work hard, in one sentence: After a fall, stand up firmly, then fall and rise again, and continue to "die". But this aspect of the dragon board is very rare, just like a toy, simply exercise and watch.

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