Bibuff electric skateboard

BIbuffboard was founded in Feb 5th, 2015 by a young entrepreneurs, Fred.When start the company,Fred only 25 years,he know a successful company need to cost effective productions and modern entrepreneurs management and good service for customer.We are a young and hard working team,follow up the trend and always want to listen different opinion.

Bibuffboards is high-tech enterprise,specilized in designing and manufacturing electric skateboard and electric scooters. We established in 2015. Through 4 years developing,,we have enlarge our business to US$5 Million every year.Bibuffboards company is quickly expanding, however, our original vision and attention to detail remain the same. We will always be “strive to satisfy more customers of outdoor sports,take advantage of science and technology to change the public life attitude” lives through the most affordable high-quality electric skateboards on the market.”

Currently, We are become strategic partners in the development, design, production, production agents and many other aspects of cooperation agreements for reducing the production and processing, operation and operation costs. Company have excellent research team and professional and technical, rigorous management model and marketing the global success of the idea,making every consumer can experience the joy of riding, feeling our personalized service.

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