Electric skateboard FAQ

Electric skateboard FAQ

With the rapid development of science and technology, transportation must be unique. With the diversification of transportation tools, electric skateboard have gradually entered our sight. While bringing us riding experience, it refreshed our understanding of traditional transportation tools. It frees our hands and brings more fun to children's lives. However, various problems will also arise during the use of the electric skateboard. Is the safe riding problem of theskateboard? What should I do if the car gets water? Why does the electric skateboard fail to charge? Is the safe riding problem of the electric skateboard ? Why is the machine broken when I can't turn it on? Let me give you a detailed introduction.

1.Regarding the water intake problem of the electric skateboard: once the electric skateboard has a water intake problem, it is recommended to shut it down as soon as possible, because the water intake may cause short circuit damage to the wire board. If it is already in the shutdown state, please do not turn it on. Then contact the shop where you bought the electric skateboard to inquire about water treatment.

2.Regarding the problem that the electric skateboard cannot be charged: use the step-by-step elimination method, first turn on the electric skateboard to see if it can be ridden, it means that the motherboard is good, it may be a charger or battery problem, you can replace it Charger, see if other chargers can be charged smoothly. If the charger can be charged normally after replacing the charger, it is the problem of the charger, otherwise it is the problem of the battery. Of course, there is no absolute thing. You still need to ask if you encounter such a thing. After-sales personnel conduct inspections.

3.If you can’t use the above steps, you won’t be able to turn on at the beginning, plug in the charger first, and check the color of the indicator light on the charger. If it is green at the beginning, then it is usually a battery problem; if it shows red, it’s normal. Charge, turn on the electric skateboard in the charging state. If it can be turned on, then it can generally be confirmed that the motherboard is normal. It may be a battery problem. If the charging shows red and it cannot be turned on, it may be that the motherboard is broken. Contact after-sales personnel to arrange after-sales inspection and maintenance.

4.What should I do if the electric skateboard can be turned on normally, but the board is always shaking and unable to ride? In this situation, you can adjust the balance well at first. If you can ride normally after adjusting the balance, there is no problem. If the problem still exists after the adjustment, it is recommended to adjust it several times. If it is found that it is still useless, it may be a problem with the accessory. Contact the after-sales personnel of the purchase store for inspection and investigation.

5.Regarding driving issues: Please wear protective gear when using, and pay attention to safety when driving. Especially for young children, because younger children have weaker control and emergency response capabilities, for safety reasons, it is recommended that parents take care of them while wearing protective gear to avoid emergencies.

6.The electric skateboard can be turned on normally, but the tire seems to be stuck and does not move. What should I do? This is usually a problem with the motor or the main board. Put the car in the opposite direction and turn the motor by hand. If the motor rotates normally, it is usually a problem with the main board; if the motor can't rotate, the motor may be broken. If it rotates If it is not smooth or rotating, it may be caused by a stuck condition. It may be a problem with the motor or the motor cable. If you want to confirm it, you usually need to remove the shell and unplug the motor cable. It is recommended not to verify whether it is the motor cable problem. In this case, please contact the after-sales personnel of the store to inform the specific situation and let them arrange after-sales maintenance.

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