How to choose the electric skateboard parts

1.Electric Skateboard Deck

Many skateboarder like to design the board by themselves, and can make the board according to different design documents,you send the design file,we can according to your design to produce.

2.Electric skateboard motherboard(ESC)
Many skateboarders hope to ride more comfortably and more stably, and will choose a better motherboard(ESC) by themselves,you can tell us the needs,then we help to do it.

3.Electric skateboard motor

Many skateboarder like to buy different motors to assemble them according to their needs,they like DIY motor, then you can send us

4.Battery Charger

Save yourself the headache of losing chargers, leaving chargers at work or home by purchasing two electric skateboard chargers. Leave one at home and one at work - game changer! If you regularly commute and need to charge at work, we recommend purchasing an additional charger.

5.The electric skateboard Battery pack
Depending on the specs of your electric skateboard and your riding habits, you might want to buy an extra skateboard battery pack. We also sell ER batteries, and easy-to-swap batteries. If you’re planning to fly with your board, a flight friendly battery can be your favorite accessory. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a battery is that it is compatible with your electric skateboard and meets your needs. Not all electric skateboarders require the use of an extra battery, but for many, it can be a real asset.

6.Electric Skateboard Lights

When you are riding at night, it is very important to have an LED light,. But we do not recommend riding on the road at night, it is not safe.

7.Protective Gear

Your life is precious - protect yourself when you’re riding an electric skateboard with the right protective gear. Don’t ride without protection.


We also sell battery charger, bearings, bushings, decks, battery case, motherboard(ESC), grip tape, motors, lights, gear, remotes, trucks, and wheels etc ,any questions, please

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