How to choose the right skateboard for beginners ?

Board Deck

The surface of the skateboard is generally made of five-layer, seven-layer, and nine-layer maple board by microwave cold pressing. There are also panels made of aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and other materials. A surface above 22cm can basically be regarded as a U-shaped surface. The surface of the surface can hold more places for the soles of the feet, which makes people stand on the U-shaped surface more steadily. Most of the boards of about 19cm are the boards used in flat road conditions. This type of board is equipped with small wheels to make the action flexible and fast. In addition, different boards have different depths of foot sockets. The board with the deep foot socket can make OLLIE, flipping and other actions more conveniently.


The skateboard bracket is also called the skateboard bridge, and the bridge plays an important role in the performance of the skateboard. At present, most of the bridges made in the United States are made of special aluminum alloy, and there is almost no breakage. The bridge distance and height of the skateboard bridge are also different. Different skateboard bridges must be matched with different widths of boards and wheels, so that it will be more comfortable to slide and easier to control.

Skateboard wheel

Skateboard wheels are also very particular. In addition to the impact of bearing accuracy on speed, it depends on the performance of the wheel.


The first is the hardness. The skateboard wheels are usually made of polyurethane as the main material, and the hardness of the wheels is different when the proportion of polyurethane in the wheel is different. Wheels with a hardness of 85A (A refers to hardness) are relatively soft, suitable for sliding on rough roads, and the sound is extremely small when sliding, which is a good choice for friends who like to pedal to go shopping. The wheels of 97A-103A are not only suitable for smooth marble and relatively flat roads, but also suitable for U-pools, jumping platforms and other props.


The second is the diameter. 38-40mm wheels are now used by very few people. These wheels start and accelerate fast, but they have low stamina and are only suitable for very flat roads. They are characterized by flexible movements. Friends who like to do small movements can try . Wheels of 45mm-50mm are the most suitable wheels for road type. 52-60mm wheels are more suitable for use on various props. In the wild, you can choose off-road wheels over 60mm. Professional mountain skateboards use big rubber wheels.


There is rebound. The rebound of the wheels is very important. Although there are no parameters to refer to, the stronger the rebound, the stronger the ability to overcome obstacles. If you don’t know how well your wheels rebound, you can do a little experiment. Remove the bearing from the wheel, and you throw the wheel hard on the ground. The wheel with high rebound will bounce to the ceiling, and the wheel with low rebound will only flop against the ground twice.


For beginners, what kind of skateboard or accessories should I buy?

 According to personal conditions, if economic conditions permit, buy imported boards. Because the imported boards are of good quality, they are good value for money! On the contrary, you can buy domestic boards (the toy boards sold in sporting goods stores are not recommended). Now the domestic boards with better quality in China are "boiling point" skateboards. The price is low, and the quality is the best among domestic skateboards. It is very suitable for beginners. If you want to play tricks and play tricks, then don't go to the sports store to buy those children's boards. After a few years of practice, there will be no effect.


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