How to distinguish traditional skateboard from professional skateboard ?

1.Toy board

The toy board refers to a skateboard that is only for sliding, and beginners can also use it. Beginners should choose a flat sliding site, and wear elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, helmets and other protective gear when sliding. However, if you are really determined to start your extreme career, then put down the children's board in your hands!

The toy board is for children to play with. Some of the boards are made of plastic and wood. For wood boards, we want the sand and gravel on the signboard to fall off in one mold or it is relatively strong. , Or there is no sand is the toy board. And the surface of the toy board is a hybrid wood board, which has poor elasticity. The colorful patterns on the board are generally toy boards!

It can probably be distinguished from the price, dozens of them must be toy boards, and most of them are more than 100! Entry-level skateboards generally start at least 200!

Professional boards are generally maple boards with good elasticity, and the sand on the board is wear-resistant!

2.Technical board

The general technical board is mainly planted in fancy skills, in addition to sliding, there are also movement during the movement, so there will not be too many other designs on the board, and the common double-headed rocker type is mainly used. On the streets full of obstacles, it is also the target of technical board players. Constantly practicing skills and breaking through the limits of oneself are all in order to conquer every obstacle and show the most self-skating attitude.

3.Fish-shaped board

The size of the fish-shaped cruiser board is small and mini, and the length is not far from the technical board, but most of the width is wider than the technical board. The size advantage of the Cruiser is more suitable for walking in the city streets, and it is convenient to carry and weight. Much lighter than other types of transportation tools, it is definitely a new choice for transportation to reduce carbon. The Cruiser has four more grooves on the pattern surface of the board body, which is to avoid wheel bites during sliding.

4. Long board

The reverse wheel frame is specially designed for the long version, which can provide better stability and the sensitivity of the grip in cornering is far more than that of the technical board. On the whole, the long version is closer to surfing, and it also derives the exciting gameplay of sprinting Downhill down the winding mountain road. In addition to having certain control board skills, it also challenges your courage. The long board can also bring you The wind speed and pleasure are different from the technical board. Instead of waiting for the waves on the beach and waiting for the short time to stand on the top of the waves, surfers might as well enjoy the thrill of surfing on land.

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