How to install a motor for skateboard ?

1.Before installation, confirm whether the motor and the brushless DC motor are intact, and strictly check whether the size of each part connecting the motor and the brushless DC motor matches. Here are the positioning boss of the motor, the input shaft and the groove of the brushless DC motor Equal size and fit tolerance.

2.Unscrew the screw on the dust-proof hole on the outside of the brushless DC motor flange, adjust the PCS system clamping ring to align the side hole with the dust-proof hole, and insert the inner hexagon to tighten. After that, remove the motor shaft key.3.Naturally connect the motor and the DC brushless motor. When connecting, it is necessary to ensure that the output shaft of the brushless DC motor is consistent with the input shaft of the motor, and the outer flanges of the two are parallel. If the center degree is not consistent, it will cause the motor shaft to break or the gears of the DC brushless motor to wear.

4.Install the device according to the regulations to ensure that the staff can easily approach the oil mark, vent plug and oil drain plug. After the installation is in place, the accuracy of the installation position and the reliability of the pressing of the fasteners should be checked in order, and they should be able to rotate flexibly after installation.


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