How to maintain snowboard ?

.The importance of snowboard waxing


Snowboard wax is a wax that can adapt to a specific environmental temperature. When the snowboard is sliding, the bottom of the board is constantly rubbing against the snow, and the heat generated by the friction will melt a small amount of snow, which forms a thin water layer between the bottom of the board and the snow surface. If the bottom of the snowboard is not protected by a wax layer, the melted snow will seep into the bottom of the board and cause damage to the snowboard.


Snowboard waxing is the most important part of the snowboard maintenance process. Waxing the snowboard allows you to enjoy the pleasure of high-speed skiing and free turns. At the same time, it will reduce the risk of damage to the board and extend its life. Waxing makes it easier to control the snowboard, enhances the sliding speed of the board on the snow, and makes it easier for you to turn. In this way, your skiing endurance can be longer. In addition, waxing can prolong the service life of a snowboard and protect the bottom of the board to a certain extent. New skis are generally waxed, but after skiing once or twice, the factory wax is gone.


At the end of the snow season, sealing wax must be applied, and the boot clip on the retainer must be loosened to allow the tight spring to "rest". The skis should be stored in a dry place to prevent the metal material on the edges of the skis from rusting. Do not store snowboards in a damp basement or a storage room that may become humid due to rain. Snowboards stored in damp places for a long time may cause the wood core of the board to corrode and deform due to inhalation of moisture. Many slippery boards are caused by water corrosion of the wood core. The sealing wax on the bottom of the board not only prevents moisture from entering the board, but also makes the wax gradually infiltrate into the board after long-term storage, so that the wax on the snow board is less likely to fall off when skiing in the coming year.


.How to wax snowboard


  1. Make sure your skis are clean and dry before waxing the skis, so that the board can absorb the wax easily.


  1. Slowly spread the wax evenly on the skis, and adjust the electric iron to a temperature that can melt the wax without smoking.


  1. Unless the place where you ski is abnormally cold, any ordinary wax can be used. It is recommended to buy an electric iron specially used for waxing, or find one without holes. Because unless the wax on the iron is completely cleaned, you cannot use the same electric iron to iron your clothes.


  1. Be careful not to leave the iron in one place for too long, because it may melt the skis. After evenly spreading, let the skis cool to room temperature before continuing. This process will take at least half an hour.


  1. Use a hard plastic ruler to scrape the wax clean. Avoid using iron rulers to scrape the wax, as this may damage the skis. When scraping the wax, scrape in the direction of the head/tail of the board.


  1. Finally, use a hard plastic brush or scouring pad to polish the bottom of the board. Please continue to polish in the direction of the head/tail of the board.


.How to maintain snowboard


  1. After every time you come back from skiing, you must take out the snowboard from the board bag, wipe off the snow water on the snowboard with a soft cotton cloth or paper with strong adsorption force, and dry it.


  1. After drying, check for damage. If the board surface is damaged, you can lay the snowboard flat, remove the excess material on the board surface, ignite the prepared rubber strip and hold it horizontally, drop the melted rubber strip on the scar on the snowboard, and cool it down.


  1. After cooling, use a steel scraper to scrape off the excess rubber strips. If there is a large area of ​​damage, it should be repaired by professionals.


  1. After every time you return from skiing, you should repair the steel edge of the snowboard. First, use a diamond file to roughen the damaged vertical and chisel edges, and then use the snowboard corner trimmer ( The angle can be adjusted, the ideal angle is 90 degrees.) Polish the steel edge along the direction of the board. Finally, use a diamond fine file to file off the traces left on the steel blade during the polishing process.


  1. Pay attention to waxing the snowboard. At home, you can apply liquid or paste wax directly to the snowboard, or rub the block wax directly on the board. The liquid or paste wax needs to be dried for 1-2 Minutes, and then polish with the board surface polishing, so that the wax can be better attached to the board surface. Or find a professional to wax the snowboard.

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