How to make the voltage of the electric skateboard brushless motor more stable ?

The brushless DC motor is connected to electricity during use, and the efficiency of the motor can be higher when the power is turned on. The voltage of the motor also fluctuates slightly during operation, but overall, the voltage is still very stable.

How to make the voltage of the electric skateboard motor more stable?

1.Connect a suitable resistor in parallel with both ends of the brushless DC motor resistance. According to the principle of resistive load, the resistance value changes after heating to obtain a non-linear resistance characteristic, which makes the field resistance line and the initial segment of the excitation characteristic larger. Obtain a point of intersection with the no-load characteristic curve.

2.Use generator automatic excitation adjustment device, because it has good excitation characteristics, and has multiple adjustment methods such as constant reactive power and constant power factor, which can effectively improve the response ability of the DC brushless motor and the stability of the system.

3.It is possible to insert a benign magnetic material under the magnetic pole shoe to narrow the gap of the excitation magnetic field, and in the case of a small excitation current, the output can be saturated. When you need to make the DC brushless motor voltage more stable, you should learn to adjust the motor. The purpose of adjustment is not only to make the voltage more stable, but also to further improve the overall performance of the motor.

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