How to repair an electric skateboard battery

The lifespan of the lithium battery pack after pack will be longer than that of the single lithium battery segment. This is because the physical difference of the single battery and the subtle difference in the charging and discharging environment aggravate this voltage and internal voltage after multiple charges. Resistance difference, the single lithium battery does not have overcharge and over discharge protection. When a large pressure difference appears, some cells will be overcharged or over discharged. This phenomenon is called unbalanced lithium battery power. How to deal with the problem of unbalanced power of lithium batteries?

  1. Take out the battery from electric skateboard, Remove the protection board part of the lithium battery, because repairing the unbalanced lithium battery first needs to check the status of the lithium battery and find the cells that affect the normal operation of the entire battery. This needs to bypass the battery protection board and directly measure the single lithium battery Core, and record it;
  1. Separately recharge or divide the capacity of the battery that has failed to check whether the capacity and internal resistance of the battery are significantly different from the entire battery group. If the difference is not significant, you can recharge it separately, if the capacity already exists The difference between the internal resistance and the internal resistance means that it can only be replaced;
  1. The electric skateboard battery that is repaired after recharging or replacing the monomer needs to be divided into capacity before reassembly to check whether the capacity meets the design requirements;
  1. Restore the electric skateboard battery according to the original circuit, install the battery protection board and outer packaging;

 Note: It is important to note that Electric skateboard batteries unbalanced usually occur on lithium battery packs after a period of use. Therefore, the internal resistance of the entire battery pack will be different from that of the new battery. Special treatment is required when replacing the monomer. Replacing a brand new monomer may soon cause the problem to recur;

 How to prevent the imbalance of Electric skateboard batteries:

  1. Do not use the current more than the battery pack can withstand frequently for discharge;
  2. Pay attention to the protection of lithium batteries, bumps and unfriendly environments will accelerate the aging of the battery and eventually cause the battery pack to malfunction;
  3. Maintain good charging habits;


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