How to solve the problem of hot skateboard motors in use ?

When we use mechanical equipment, there are always many controllable and uncontrollable problems, as if the skateboard motor will become hot when it is used. In response to this situation, have you encountered it? If you have encountered it, how did you solve it?


1.The power supply voltage is too high, so that the core flux density is oversaturated and the temperature of the skateboard motor is too high: If the power supply voltage of the motor is much higher than the standard, you should contact the power supply department to solve it.


2.The power supply voltage is too low, and the motor temperature is too high under the rated load: if the power line voltage drop is too large, you can replace the thicker power line; if the power supply voltage is too low, you can contact the power supply department to improve voltage.


3.When the wire is burnt, the iron core is burned, which makes the iron consumption large: do the iron core inspection test, repair the iron core, and eliminate the fault.


4.The stator and rotor cores rub against each other: if the cause of the fault is the overrun of the motor bearing clearance, new bearings should be replaced. If the shaft is bent, it needs to be investigated and resolved. When the core is loose or deformed, the core should be resolved to eliminate the fault.


5.The winding surface is covered with dirt or foreign matter, which affects the heat dissipation of the motor: sweep or clean the skateboard motor, and make the motor ventilation channel unblocked.


6.The motor is overloaded or the resistance of the production machinery of the drag is too large, which makes the motor hot: eliminate the failure of the drag mechanism, reduce the resistance, according to the current indication, if the rated current exceeds the rated current, reduce the load, replace the larger capacity skateboard motor or Take measures to increase capacity.


7.The motor starts frequently or the number of forward and reverse rotations is too much: reduce the number of motor starting and forward and reverse rotations or replace with a suitable motor.


8.The cage rotor bar is broken or the wire of the wound rotor winding is loose, and the motor is hot under the rated load, which makes the motor temperature too high: find out the broken bar and loose parts, re-welding or tighten the fixing screws.

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