How to use and repair the electric skateboard charger ?

一. How to use the electric skateboard charger !


How long does it take to charge an electric skateboard ? The correct charging time is 1-2 hours after the green light turns on, and then cut off the power supply.

What is the harm of charging for too long? There are two main principles for charging electric skateboards: one is to charge shallowly and frequently. The second is not to overcharge. Excessive charging time will consume too much liquid in the battery, accelerate the vulcanization process of the electrode plate, and gradually reduce the battery capacity due to lack of water, until the battery is charged and discarded.

Is the electric skateboard charger universal ? In theory, electric skateboard chargers cannot be universal. Whether they are universal or not depends on whether the voltage and current are the same. Many users think that as long as they can be plugged in to turn on the lights, they can be universal. In fact, it is easy to charge the battery.


. Repair of electric skateboard charger failure

1.Power on and burn insurance: first check whether the power tube is broken down, if not, replace all 4 rectifier diodes with new ones, and test the machine.

2.No output when power on: power on and test the machine, the large capacitor 2 has a voltage of 300V, and it slowly drops. First, check whether the large diode at the output terminal has broken down, repair the welding, and try the machine again.

3.No output when power on: it can start normally and the indicator is normal. First, replace the output line with a new one. For the charger with a relay, directly short-circuit the relay and test the machine.

4.Power-on flashing light: Please repair the pins of the transformer, and then test the machine. If it is still, please check whether the 431, photocoupler, output diodes are short-circuited, whether the transformer core is loose, and whether the 10 ohm resistance of the power input section open circuit. Or substitute 3842 to try the machine again.

5.Low output voltage: repair welding circuit boards. Test the machine, then replace the large input and output capacitors with a new one and try the machine again.

6.Squeaking, heating, insufficient charging: power on and measure the voltage of the large capacitor, as long as it is lower than 300V, the general capacitor will fail and you can replace it.

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