The difference between downhill board and dance board or all-around board

.The difference between downhill board and dance board

1.The dance board and downhill board are played differently

There is a big difference between the dance board and the downhill board. The dance board is suitable for dancing back and forth on the board and is suitable for some dancing-loving boardmates. The downhill board is often used for downhill and is suitable for playing in sloped areas. Although the downhill board can also dance on the board, there are some differences compared with the professional dance board. Some dance moves may not be done. You can choose the long board that suits you according to the different ways of playing the two boards.

2.The speed of dance board and downhill board are different

The speed of the dance board is generally slow, mainly because we keep beating on the dance board, which has a certain impact on the board, and the speed will become very slow. The downhill board is different, there are not many movements, plus playing on the slope, it will give the board an impulse when going downhill, so that the board speed becomes very fast. If you have great expectations for speed, you can choose the downhill board, and if you want to be slower, you can choose the dance board. The speed of the dance board and downhill board can quickly help you choose a longboard suitable for you to play. No matter what kind of board you choose, you must practice the longboard skills after you choose, and practice hard to make your skills become. better.

3.The dance board is longer than the downhill board

The dance board has to move continuously on the board. Generally, the length is very large. If you like a longer board, you can choose the dance board. The speed of the downhill board is very high, and the board looks shorter, but most of the board surface of the downhill board is very wide. We will feel safe when standing on the board. If we want to make our board more secure, we can Select the downhill board. Both dance board and downhill board have their own advantages. After understanding these advantages, we can choose the right longboard according to our needs.

4.Dance board is more flexible than downhill board

We can make a lot of fun moves on the dance board, so the dance board generally has good flexibility, and it is very easy to turn on the dance board. Downhill boards are not that flexible anymore. Too flexible can easily cause the board to get out of control during high-speed downhill, causing great harm to everyone. If you want to make your board more flexible, you can buy a dance board. If you don't want the long board to be too flexible, you can buy a downhill board.

5.Downhill boards are more dangerous than dance boards

The downhill board is mainly used for downhill. Everyone feels great danger when playing the board, especially when the downhill speed is very fast, it is the easiest to fall off the board, which brings great harm to everyone. Remind Everyone should be careful when playing the downhill board, so that you don’t get hurt if you don’t get hurt. Relatively speaking, the dance board is much safer. Due to the limitation of the board shape, the speed of the dance board is not very fast, and we only do some tricks on the dance board. There is not much danger. If you want to be safer, you can buy it. Dance board.

 .The difference between downhill board and all-around board

In terms of appearance, the downhill board is huge, with a smoother surface and smaller ends. The all-round board has a very rich shape. There are both aunt towel board and single tilt type. In terms of gameplay, the downhill board is mostly used for walking and downhill. , Drift, and the all-round board can play anything, the upper bar jumping platform, U-shaped pool, fancy moves are all possible.

1.Different appearance

The downhill board is evolved from a surfboard, so the downhill board is very large, the length of the board can reach up to 150 cm, and the width of the board is generally between 23 cm and 25 cm. The surface area is larger than that of ordinary skateboards. Much bigger. There are various types of all-round boards, so the shapes are also very rich. There are flat aunt's towel boards, single-up all-arounds suitable for playing flat flowers, and large double-ups similar to street boards.

2.Different gameplay

Because the downhill board has a large surface, large and soft wheels, fast speed, and strong endurance, its gameplay is mostly related to speed. It can not only travel, but also downhill and drift. The all-around board, as its name implies, pursues a kind of versatility, that is to say, it can be played with everything, not only on the bar jumping platform, but also U-shaped pool, and fancy moves.


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