The Types of four wheel skateboard

1. Ordinary double rocker Skateboard: The most people play this, it belongs to the street style skateboard, which is generally used to practice various cool actions. Such as flipping, jumping, stepping down and so on. The playability is very strong. It's also very exerciser. It can also be used to scrub the street. Downhill is very dangerous. The surface of the board is pressed by multiple layers of maple wood, the head and the tail are tilted, and the wheels are relatively narrow and high in hardness. Generally between 95A~101A. The structure and strength requirements are high.

2. Banana board (rubber board): The surface of this board is made of engineering plastics, and the price is cheaper than wooden skateboards. It is mainly used for street washing, small in size and easy to carry. The characteristic is that the wheel is wider, the hardness is soft, it adopts the single warp style, the surface of the board is not covered with sandpaper, and the plastic texture is used to increase the friction, but because the surface of the board is too short and narrow, the stability is not high, and it is generally more suitable for girls. The homemade banana board is the boiling point.

3. Longboard skateboard: Generally, it is used to speed down the slope. It is very exciting to do power slides. It can also be used to brush the street. The board surface is much longer than ordinary skateboards, generally about 100cm and 25cm wide. It is made of maple or bamboo fiber. There are various shapes (front-mounted bridge or reverse-mounted bridge, most of which are reverse-mounted bridge), and the wheels are wide and soft. It has strong adaptability to the road surface. There are not many people playing longboard in China (there are many people, more cars and no land). Very popular abroad.

4. Street board: some are also called long board. It is mainly used for street cleaning. The surface of the board is generally wider than the ordinary board and shorter than the long board. The hardness of the wheel is generally softer than the long board and the ordinary board. The wheel is also very wide like the long board. The purpose is Improve the adaptability to the road surface. It is more comfortable to slide. There are many shapes of this kind of board, some are long boards, some are fish-shaped boards, and some are ordinary boards.

5. Single rocker skateboard: This kind of board is a very old one, mainly for playing freestyle and flat movements. Only the tail of the board is tilted, and the head is not tilted or slightly tilted. The board surface is wider than ordinary skateboards. The styles that are out now are all toy boards. Or it's the kind of street board with a sharp tip.

6. Fingerboard: Small and powerful. Carry. It can be used to exercise finger flexibility and develop the brain. Regardless of its small size, I thought it was just a toy. It can also make a lot of moves that a big skateboard can make.

7. Freeboard: This kind of skateboard has only come out soon. It is mainly used for speed drop. The biggest feature is that there are a total of 6 wheels. In addition to the necessary 4 wheels, there are 2 more between the front and rear axles. Activity wheel. These two movable wheels further improve the flexibility of this skateboard, especially when you do power slide downhill, when the board is horizontal, you don't have to worry about the board falling over or suddenly getting stuck, it will continue to slide steadily.

8. Multi-wheel skateboard Flowboard: This kind of skateboard also debuted soon, but it became popular quickly. The biggest feature is that it has a lot of wheels. There are 7 front and rear axles, 14 in total, and each wheel is separated from each other, using curved brackets. The wheel hardness is reasonable. This design makes it as smooth as surfing on the sea during the brushing process. At the same time, its board surface is very wide, thus ensuring stability, especially suitable for street scrubbing.

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