What is remote control electric skateboard ?

Remote control electric skateboard is a kind of highly entertaining sports equipment, which is very popular among young people in Europe, America and other countries. This project has the following functions and features:

(1) The remote control realizes automatic code matching through the single-chip microcomputer. The automatic code matching function of the remote control not only realizes the universality of the remote control, the hardware and software of the remote control are fixed and unchanged, which provides convenience for the production of enterprises and meets a remote control Only one sskateboard can be controlled.

(2) Because the remote control is powered by a battery, it has very high power consumption requirements. This project adopts energy-saving technology. When there is no signal output, the circuit is in a sleep state, and there is signal output, and the circuit wakes up to work. The time difference is not more than 10ms, which maximizes the battery life.

(3) The remote control has strict requirements on the battery voltage. When the battery voltage is lower than the rated value, the entire circuit is automatically shut down to prevent signal transmission and prevent accidents caused by low battery voltage and garbled transmission.

(4) Use the remote control to control the brake of the motor. In the driving process, the brake can be realized by controlling the remote control, which is flexible and convenient to operate.

(5) The control signal sent by the remote controller causes the motor controller to generate a 20KHz pwm signal to realize the stepless speed change of the motor; at the same time, the output time can be adjusted to enable the motor to achieve soft start within a limited time, which protects the motor and extends The service life of the motor is improved, the battery is protected, the service life of the battery is prolonged, and the whistling sound when the motor is running is eliminated.

(6) The motor controller detects the running status of the motor in real time and judges whether it is running fast. If running fast, it will block the PWM output.

(7) The motor controller detects the current status in real time, and if it exceeds the rated value, it controls the pwm by interrupting the program to limit the current to not exceed the rated value.

(8) The motor controller detects the motor stall in real time. If it is stalled, it will block the PWM output, reset the circuit, and wait for a new control signal.

(9) The motor controller detects the battery power in real time. If it is under voltage, it will block the PWM output and switch to the standby charging mode

(10) The motor controller detects the charging status in real time. If it is charging, it will not respond to the remote control signal to protect the battery.

This project takes 315M radio frequency module, AT89C2051 microcontroller and pic microcontroller as the core, with peripheral circuits and burning software programs to achieve the required functions. The whole system is divided into two parts: 1. The remote control part, 2. The controller part.

The remote control part includes: signal source 1, A/D circuit 3, MCU processor 2, power detection and alarm circuit 4, power supply circuit 5, and radio frequency transmitter module 6.

 The controller part includes: RF receiver 7, MCU controller 8, power supply circuit 9, charging and charging protection circuit 10, brake and protection circuit 11, fly protection and power monitoring circuit 12, motor speed control circuit 13, overcurrent and blocking Relay protection circuit 14, charge pump circuit 15, battery display circuit 16, LED17 and so on.

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