What is surfboard ?

What is surfboard ?

Land surfboard, Surfskate, as its name implies, is a skateboard that simulates surfing on the sea, or surf training device, which allows surfers to glide on land indefinitely. Say goodbye to traditional skateboards that use their feet on the ground and rely on left and right tilt changes to achieve advancement.

The spring structure and the specially designed thruster with the front axle can allow the skateboard to incline at the extreme bending and bring the sense of weightlessness to simulate surfing. Because of the great [controllability] with the same soft wheels as the longboard, it has a high grip performance, is less prone to injury than traditional skateboards, and is easier to get started quickly.


The purpose of land surfing

Use surfing actions on skateboards to improve yourself better and return to the sea to use on surfboards

You can also enjoy the fun of surfing in the city. The fun of unlimited battery life allows you to train your body to quickly adapt to balance, which greatly improves surfing and skiing. It is suitable for unconditional office workers and life parties. Balance training core training skiing simulation thin waist.

 Surfboard classification:

According to different purposes, it can be divided into the following categories:

Body board, skimboard, surfboard, sup, kite board.

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