What is the difference between an electric scooter and a balance scooter ?

1.The principle is different

Electric scooters use the theory of human movement and ingenious mechanics, mainly using the body (waist and hip), twisting of the feet and swinging of the hands to drive forward. The electric balance scooter is based on the basic principle of "dynamic stability", using the gyroscope and acceleration sensor inside the car body, and combining the servo system and the motor to maintain the balance of the system.

2.The price is different

 The price of electric scooters currently on the market generally ranges from one thousand yuan to over ten thousand yuan, which is more expensive than electric balance scooter. The price of electric balance scooter currently on the market generally ranges from several hundred to several thousand yuan. Consumers can choose according to their own needs. Of course, the price of a good-quality electric balance bike is relatively high.

3.There is a difference in performance

Portability: The net weight of a portable electric scooter with 36V×7.5A lithium battery is about 15kg. The length of the folded electric scooter is generally not more than 1, 2 meters, and the height is not more than 50 cm. It can be carried or put in the trunk. . A 72V×2A lithium battery wheelbarrow weighs about 12kg, and its appearance is similar to a small car tire. The two-wheel electric balance scooter seen on the market also weighs 10kg, of course, there are also two-wheel electric balance scooter weighing more than 50kg.

Passability: The tire size of electric scooters generally does not exceed 10 inches. It is relatively easy to face general urban roads. However, when the road conditions are poor, the passing conditions are not ideal, so you must be extraordinarily driving. Be careful. The wheel size of the unicycle electric balance car can reach 15 inches or more, which can adapt to many types of road conditions and has unique advantages in passability. The wheel size of the two-wheeled electric balance scooter is large or small, so its passability is different.

Safety: Electric scooters and electric balance scooters are non-motorized vehicles without additional safety settings. In theory, they are only allowed to drive in non-motorized lanes at low speeds; if the product is designed at a speed per hour, they can both exert a low center of gravity and light weight. The characteristics of this make riders enjoy a safer and more convenient travel experience.

4.There is a huge disparity in functions

Carrying capacity: The pedals of the electric scooter can carry two people if needed, while the electric balance scooter basically does not have the ability to carry two people.

Endurance: The endurance of a single-wheel electric balance scooter is better than that of an electric scooter with the same battery capacity; the endurance of two-wheel electric balance scooter and electric scooter should be analyzed in detail.

Driving difficulty: The driving of an electric scooter is similar to an electric bicycle, and the stability is better than that of an electric bicycle, and the driving difficulty is less. The single-wheel electric balance scooter is more difficult to drive; but the two-wheel electric balance scooter has reduced driving difficulty.

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