What is the electric skateboard ESC ?

What is the electric skateboard ESC ?

1.what is the electric skateboard ?

Electric skateboards are four-wheeled skateboard based on traditional skateboards and electric kits. Current electric skateboards are generally divided into two-wheel drive and single-wheel drive or Four wheel drive. The most common transmission methods are: hub motor (HUB) and belt drive. The main power source is lithium battery pack. Generally, the mainstream control method of electric skateboards is wireless remote control to control the acceleration and braking of the electric skateboards. The wireless connection with the skateboard host includes 2.4Ghz wireless connection module and Bluetooth connection. The way of manipulating turning is the same as that of a traditional skateboard, using human force and balance transfer to offset and tilt the wheel frame to actuate turning.

2.Electric skateboard ESC (The following is a single-wheel drive skateboard)

This is a novel and innovative single-wheel drive intelligent controller for electric skateboards. It allows users to control the motor operation by adjusting the speed of the thumbwheel. The controller system uses a programmable chip-centric controller to drive the skateboard motor. ; The operation of the whole system is very simple and easy to master. Compared with the brush control system, the control system has higher efficiency, lower noise and strong climbing ability. Because the motor has no carbon brush wear, the motor has a long life.

Product name: Electric skateboard ESC

Rated voltage: 24V, 36V

Current limit protection: 10-15A

Rated power: 300-600W / motor

Drive mode: sine wave (single drive)

Speed control: 10-40KM/H (adjustable)

 Note: This scheme can be applied to application fields such as single-wheel system drive of skateboards. The skateboard solution must ensure that the use voltage is within the reasonable use voltage range of the controller to ensure the reliability of the controller.

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