What is the use of skateboard stickers? How often do you exchange it?

.What is the use of frosted skateboard sandpaper

There are two main functions of skateboard sandpaper. One is to decorate the skateboard to show the unique personality of the skateboard owner; the other is to play the role of anti-skid. The anti-skid effect is very important, which can greatly increase the safety index of the skateboard and reduce the chance of injury.

1.The role of decorative skateboards

One of the most important reasons why skateboarding is so popular among young people is that skateboarding can well show its own personality and show its unique style. The sandpaper of skateboarding is rich in colors and diverse patterns, which can meet these needs of young people. . Sandpaper can decorate the skateboard very well, making it a beautiful scenery for young people to walk on the street.

2.The role of anti-slip

The surface of the skateboard itself is relatively smooth. If the sandpaper is not attached, the practitioner will easily slip while using the skateboard. Especially for beginners, who do not have basic skateboarding skills, and their balance ability is not strong enough, and they are more likely to slip during practice. Sticking sandpaper on the surface of the skateboard can solve this problem and play a very good anti-skid effect.

二.How often do you change the skateboard sandpaper?

1.The skateboard sandpaper is generally changed every three to six months. If the skateboard is used less frequently, it can be replaced every six months. If the skateboard is used frequently, the sandpaper of the skateboard can be replaced in two or three months.

2.The replacement frequency of skateboard sandpaper is related to the quality and frequency of use of skateboard sandpaper. If the quality of the skateboard sandpaper is not good and the frosted surface is easy to fall off, you need to speed up the frequency of replacing the skateboard sandpaper, because the frosted drop on the surface of the sandpaper will affect the feel of the skateboard, and the anti-skid effect will be greatly reduced, and it will be increased in severe cases. Probability of slipping for big practitioners. Good quality skateboard sandpaper can appropriately slow down the frequency of replacing skateboard sandpaper.

3.The frequency of changing the sandpaper of the skateboard is also related to the frequency of using the skateboard. If a skilled person often practice skateboarding, it is best to change the sandpaper for the skateboard next time in about three months to ensure that the anti-skid function of the sandpaper is intact. If you are a beginner, don't use skateboarding often, and you have less tricks, just change the skateboard sandpaper every six months.

.How to change skateboard sandpaper

1.To replace the sandpaper on the skateboard, first tear off the old sandpaper. How to tear off the sandpaper on the skateboard? Be prepared to replace the tools used for the skateboard sandpaper, the skateboard, the sandpaper that is suitable for the size of the skateboard board, the blade or the scissors and the scraper, etc.

2.Then gently remove the old sandpaper from the skateboard. Be sure to slow down when removing the sandpaper, otherwise the skateboard may be damaged, and it is best to completely remove the entire piece of sandpaper at one time. After removing the sandpaper, clean the surface of the skateboard to facilitate the re-attachment of new sandpaper.

3.Then put the new sandpaper flat on the board surface of the skateboard, and use scissors to cut out the sandpaper of the same size as the board surface. The area can also be slightly larger than the board surface area, but it must not be smaller than the board surface, otherwise it will Some locations are exposed on the surface.

4.Finally, paste the cut sandpaper on the surface of the board, tear off the protective film on one end of the sandpaper, and paste the sandpaper on the board surface of the skateboard, and use a tape to scrape the air bubbles under the sandpaper until the whole piece Just stick the sandpaper to the skateboard completely.


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