Which is the Best All Terrain electric skateboard ? Bibuff U2 VS Wowgo AT2

Electric skateboard have been growing in popularity for years, but one of the main issues people have with most electric skateboards is that they can be not cheaper.More and more people like high-quality electric skateboards.

Bibuff is a younger company who is also aimed to the high quality electric skateboards on the market,they are hoping to break into the budget esk8 category with their first boards by offering value electric skateboards cheaper than the current market leaders but with more impressive specifications.

Below is Bibuff U2 Vs wowgo AT2 Compared:

1.Battery for electric skateboard:

Bibuff U2:Use 50.4V 14AH 604WH 12S4P Samsung battery pack.

AT2: Use 36V 14AH 10S4P battery pack.

U2 battery stronger than AT2.


The BIBUFF U2 is equipped with a 604wh battery, which is almost bigger the capacity of the AT2 Standard. A larger battery will provide more mileage.These matched with their battery capacity. The top speed of the U2 is 26mph / 42kmph,


Bibuff U2 use full carbon fiber material deck,ride more comfortable, you will experience a higher end

AT2 material: Fiber glass +Bamboo+Canadian Maple Deck 


Bibuff U2 use full carbon fiber material deck and enclosures

AT2 material:Others


The trucks of most electric skateboards are strong enough and rarely have quality problems. Both of these skateboards use Double Kingpin Trucks and similar wheels.


Both of these boards use the same Hobbywing upgraded ESC, the main difference is in the program. They have different designs on top speed, acceleration, and brake.


Bibuff U2 use powerful Dual 5753 Belt Motor,custmized motor 2*1650W rated power high-quality and high-precision motor Japan imported magnetic steel sheet, better performance ● Excellent dynamic balance, which makes much less noise when it’s working Eddy current exhaust hole design, better heat dissipation effect (make your motor no longer hot) ● More power can be effectively utilized with our cooling system

AT2 use Universal 6368 Belt Motors.


At last, considering the U2 carbon electric skateboard better specification and same price with AT2,and now bibuff have a big discount,

Which do you think is the best All terrain board ?

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