Why is the 4 wheel electric scooters still using Hall sensors ?

Recently, I heard that 4 wheel electric scooters like Benjamin’s have become popular again. It seems that they are used as transportation vehicles abroad. This is not surprising to me. What surprised me is that the industry uses Hall-powered drives instead of No sense drive!

After Benjamin launched the open source design of non-sense square wave and non-sense foc, we believe that 90% of people will try to transplant to cheap chips, especially domestic m0 cores. In addition, the parameter measurement function inside is used as a symbol of independent intellectual property rights in advertising. This is just as normal as turning foreigners' open source into closed source.

I asked my friends: Many people have developed open source solutions, and the effect of watching YouTube is also good. It doesn't require any Hall, and the cost is obviously lower. Isn't this what you dream of! Why don't you have to be insensitive and force the grid to be higher.

The answer is: the customer is scared by the insensitivity of the domestic work, and there is no other way to use the belt Hall. At this time, I finally understand why a scooter controller is only 55 yuan. The technology without technical content can really only fight the price, which may be the basis for the existence of domestic single-chip microcomputers.

I also asked what is the effect of using ti 28027f as a scooter? Others told me that there is no problem with the non-inductive control using ti. It seems that this is a problem of technical ability, so others can sell it at a high price. vesc is useless because of the price of stm32f405.

Now there are many teaching materials from 51, stm32, fpga, linux to teach you to light the water lamp over and over again, but it is rare to see that there is a display about the non-sensing scooter, and there is also an empty transfer, which is useless. Demo. Another person said that it can exceed ti technology, what dtc control is. This is also unrealistic.

I think the L-shaped scooter with 2 wheels is still very cumbersome. It is good to use the 4-wheel electric scooter as the touchstone of non-inductive technology. It is also very portable and should have a future. I don’t know if anyone in the industry can say Tell the truth.

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